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A/C Technician

  • Location:
    Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai , United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Salary:
  • Posted:
    April 7, 2021
  • Category:
    AC Technician
  • Gender:


A/C Technician vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Experienced A/C Technician wanted in Dubai UAE.


The wanted candidate should have working experience of 2 to years in A/C works.

The desired applicant must be of a male gender to be eligible for this position.

Experience of fixing, overhauling, improving, and overhauling all types of air conditioning systems.

The applicant must be skilled in detecting and fixing malfunctions in AC system.

The required candidate should have the ability to use with latest tools and equipment to effectively carry out the job duties.

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