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Secretaries/Document Controllers

  • Location:
    Dubai Dubai Dubai Dubai , United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
  • Salary:
  • Posted:
    October 17, 2020
  • Category:
    Secretary / Front Office
  • Gender:
    Male, Female


Secretaries/Document Controllers vacancy in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

An engineering company in Dubai is in need of experienced full time secretaries/document controllers.
Their are 5 positions for the applicants.


Ideal applicants should have a working experience as secretaries in the same field for a period of 5 to 7 years

Candidates should be males who are willing to work full time since ts a full time job.


The ideal applicant should be able to manage all commercial and technical documents for the project and perform all clerical works which include filing,typing,photocopying and other works being assigned from time to time.

Preferred candidates should be able to Maintain and update the database and also manual filings and also receive and check all incoming corresponding and transmitting of drawing documents.

Applicants should be able to Deal with other staff or visitors, on phone or in person.
Candidates should be able to Review each documents for conformity and accuracy and keep all project documents orderly and completing categorized easy accessibility to specify records and projects.

Ideal candidates should be able to Ensures delivery and receipt of all documents by deadlines to the clients.

Candidates should be able to Make sure that controlled copies of latest approved documents are given to the appropriate staffs.

Preferred applicants should be able to Maintain an updated records of all approved documents and their distribution clearly and logging incoming and outgoing documents.

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