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Excavator operator

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    Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi , United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates
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  • Posted:
    January 9, 2021
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    Male, Female, Other


Excavator operator vacancy in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Male excavator operator in a reputed construction company in Abu Dhabi.


Selected candidates should have a working experience as an excavator operator in the same field or related for a period of 8 to 10 years.

Interested applicants should have a dual license of 6 & 7 or 7 & 8 to apply for the vacancy.

Only Indian nationals should apply for the vacancy from the company.

Preferred candidates should have a strong work ethic and physical ability to lift 50 plus pounds.


Selected applicants should be able to abide by all local state and federal regulations as well as all company safety procedures.

Ideal candidates should be able to regularly clean equipment to preserve its quality and functionality.

Preferred applicants should be able to ensure proper operation of equipment by performing regular checks on their functionality.

Interested candidates should be able to operate various pieces of large equipment in accordance with company procedures.

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